Sometimes a mere conversation says it better than we do.  Here’s what we overheard one day in the coffee shop queue:

Barista:  “I wanted to let you know:  We won’t have any more of these tea bags in a few weeks.  Our warehouse is out.  Like, permanently out.”

Customer:  “Why?”

Barista:  “We’re changing to looseleaf tea.  Tea that will brew for a few minutes while customers wait.  And that will be interesting!”

Customer:  “Why is that?”

Barista:  “Because corporate hasn’t figured out yet that many of our shops attract buy and run customers, especially before work.  Customers here simply won’t wait five minutes for tea.”

Customer:  “I don’t understand … .  Isn’t tea the up and coming beverage?”

Barista:  “Yeah, I guess it is.  But we haven’t yet reached the trendy point, where customers, like in Asia, will stand on line for many minutes for a cuppa.  Don’t worry, we’ll change back to tea bags as soon as corporate sees the numbers!”

Sound like any of your clients or employers?