When you team with Jacobs Plus, hard issues become softer. 

Such as:

  • Creating the right tone at the top
  • When executive reputation matters:  Telling your story during transitions -- and other events
  • Translating ‘sustainability’ into words people understand
    and act on
  • Teaching employees how to talk – about performance and careers and compensation
  • Uncovering research that helps drive communications strategy
  • Tackling thought leadership with the right differentiation

With lots of fore- and after-thoughts, our experiences have birthed a blog – communicating by design or cbyd – and a series of to-be published workbooks about what we do and how to do it.

Now for a plug from the website’s sponsor:

  • Ever wonder about best ways to drive change home – and max the power of change-      communications?  Coming soon from Barbara is Campaigning:  How to win the hearts and minds (and change behavior) of those around you during times of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.
Click the illustration to ask for a copy!

Click the illustration to ask for a copy!

  • The first segment?  Map It!  Compelling methods to organize and sell change inside through mapping.  Ask for your free preview of “five ways to map change” here – and now.